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Who are we?

Dragons Cheer Athletics is a sports club in the heart of Belgium. We focus on competitive Allstar Cheerleading.


Children from the age of 5 can come to us to discover the basics of gymnastics and acrobatics

From the age of 8, children can start in our all-star cheerleading peewee team and progress to the youth (from 13 years old) and senior (from 15 years old) teams. 

The club was founded in 2023 by passionate cheerleaders who would like to transfer this passion, as well as their experience and expertise, on to the next generation of top athletes in Belgium. 

Since we started last year, we have already grown to a whopping 26 athletes divided over 3 teams, guided by 7 enthusiastic coaches. 

Would you like to be part of one of our teams as well? 
Contact us now for a free trial lesson!

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