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With trooper you can support us financially without having to pay anything!

Go to your favorite store via our trooper link and make your usual purchases. 

Trooper ensures that the store supports us with a small percentage and it is completely free for you!

New! Trooper Browser for Smartphone


Do you also occasionally forget to surf via Trooper when you make your online purchases? 

With the  new Trooper Browser you won't miss a single commission ever again!

The Trooper Browser is free and has the same user experience as the browser you are using now. 


1. You can download it via the well-known app stores on your smartphone. Then set Dragons Cheer Athletics as the association you want to support. Easy peasy! 


2. Surf like normal, but when you shop online, a Trooper logo will appear at all Trooper Partner webshops in your search results. 


So you immediately spot every Troopershop!

3. And yepla, when you shop, all commissions automatically go to Dragons Cheer. It couldn't be simpler. 

You will still receive a PATATO-mail, the confirmation email with the support amount, if you leave your email address in the app. 


So you no longer have to go through the trooper website when shopping in the trooper browser, which only makes it easier to support us.Just like when shopping via, Trooper only has access to the data needed to register your purchase at our partner shops. 

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